DRL Lab Members

Graduate Students, Postdocs, and Staff (Current)

Graduate Students

  • Joseph delPreto
  • John Romanishin
  • Andrew Spielberg
  • Brandon Araki
  • Alex Wallar
  • Cenk Baykal
  • Felix Naser
  • Lucas Liebenwein
  • Wilko Schwarting
  • Teddy Ort
  • Lillian Chin
  • Noam Buchman
  • Tim Seyde
  • Alexander Amini
  • Rohan Banerjee
  • Tim Zhong


  • Shuguang Li
  • Jeff Lipton
  • Igor Gilitschenski
  • Alyssa Pierson
  • Cristian-Ioan Vasile
  • Harry Lang
  • Ryan Truby


  • Mieke Moran (the group’s Administrative Assistant)
  • Thomas Balch (Engineer)

Lab Alumni

PhD Students

  • Ekaterina Pelekhov, “Information Organization: Practical Algorithms and Systems,” (Dartmouth College 2001), now at Google Research
  • Jonathan Bredin, “Market-based control of mobile agent systems,” (Dartmouth College 2001), now consultant
  • Keith Kotay, “Self-reconfiguring Robots: Designs, Algorithms, and Applications,” (Dartmouth College 2003), now consultant
  • Qun Li, “Reactive Sensor Networks,” (Dartmouth College 2004), now at College of William and Mary
  • Rob Fitch, “Planning for Heterogeneous Self-reconfiguring Robots,” (Dartmouth College 2004 , now at Sydney University
  • Craig McGray, “Design, Fabrication, and Programming of MEMS Micro Robots,” (Dartmouth College 2005), now at NIST
  • Paulina Varshavskaya, Distributed Reinforcement Learning for Self-reconfiguring modular robots, (MIT 2007), now consultant
  • Iuliu Vasilescu, Adaptive Illumination for Underwater Imaging with Autonomous Robots and Sensor Networks, (MIT 2009), now consultant
  • Ajay Deshpande, Coverage Problems in Mobile Sensing, (MIT 2008, jointly supervised with with Sanjay Sarma), now at IBM Research
  • Martsette Vona, Virtual Articulation and Kinematic Abstraction in Robotics, (MIT 2009), now at NASA JPL
  • Mac Schwager, A Gradient Optimization Approach to Multi-Robot Control, (MIT 2009), now at Stanford University
  • Ara Knaian, The Electropermanent Magnet: Design and Applications to Programmable Matter, (MIT 2010, jointly supervised with Neil Gershenfeld), now an entrepreneur
  • Carrick Detweiler, Adaptive Decentralize Control of Underwater Sensor Networks for Modeling Water Phenomena, (MIT 2010), now at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Elizabeth Basha, In-Situ Prediction on Sensor Networks Using Distributed Multiple Linear Regression Models, (MIT 2010), now at the University of the Pacific
  • Seung-Kook Yun, Decentralized Coordination for Manufacturing: Algorithms and Systems, (MIT 2010), now at SRI
  • Kyle Gilpin Shape Formation by Self-Disassembly in Programmable Matter Systems, (MIT 2012), now at TemperatureAlert
  • Sejoon Lim, Congestion-Aware Traffic Routing for Large-Scale Mobile Agent Systems, (MIT 2012), now at Kookmin University, Korea
  • Marek Doniec, Autonomous Data Muling Using Optical Wireless Communication and Agile Control, (MIT 2013), now at Proprietary Trading Startup
  • Brian Julian, Mutual Information-based Gradient Ascent Control for Distributed Robotics, (MIT 2013), now at Google Research
  • Stephanie Gil, Adaptive Communication Networks for Heterogeneous Teams of Robots, (MIT 2014), now MIT postdoc
  • Andrew Marchese, Design, Fabrication and Control of Soft Robots with Fluidic Elastomer Actuators, (MIT 2014), now at Amazon Research
  • Mikhail Volkov (now in Japan)
  • Cynthia Sung (now at UPenn)
  • Sebastian Claici (now at The Vision/Graphics Group, MIT)
  • Steven Guitron (now at MGH)
  • Chongyuan Xiang (Bill)
  • Jenny Shen
  • Robert Katzschmann, Building and Controlling Fluidically Actuated Soft Robots: From Open Loop to Model-based Control, (MIT 2018), now at Amazon Research

Masters Students

  • Yeo Reum Yoon, Modular Robots for Making and Climbing 3D Trusses (MIT 2006)
  • Srujan Linga, A Novel Positioning System for Accurate Tracking in Indoor Environments, (MIT 2007), now at Goldman Sacks
  • William Selby, Visual Tracking using Small Autonomous Aerial Robots, (MIT 2011)
  • Byoung Kwon An , Sticker Controller and Sticker Programming for Smart Sheets, (MIT 2011),
  • Mario Bollini, BakeBot: Autonomous Recipe Execution with a Mobile     Manipulator, (MIT 2012)
  • Daniel Soltero, Generating Informative Paths for Persistent Sensing in Unknown Environments, (MIT 2012)
  • Afian Anwar, ChangiNOW: A Mobile Application for Efficient Taxi Allocation at Airports, (MIT 2013)
  • Gavin Hall, Decentralized Mixing Function Control Strategy for Multi-Robot Informative Persistent Sensing Applications, (MIT 2014)
  • Bianca Homberg Robust Priprioceptive Grasping with a Soft Robot Hand (MIT 2016)
  • Pramod Kandel, Efficient Semantic Retrieval on K-Segment Coresets of Video Streams (MIT 2015)


  • Nora Ayanian (now at USC),
  • Zack Butler (now at RPI),
  • Nikolaus Correll (now at UC Boulder),
  • Daniel Feldman (now at U. Haifa),
  • Ross Knepper (now at Cornell),
  • Cagdas Onal (now at WPI),
  • Mac Schwager (now at Stanford),
  • Steven Smith (now at the University of Waterloo),
  • Mike Tolley (now at UCSD, co-supervised with R. Wood)
  • Eduardo Torres-Jarra (now at WPI),
  • Ankut Mehta, (now at UCLA)
  • Shuhei Miyashita (now at the University of York, UK)
  • Kyle Gilpin (now at TemperatureAlert)
  • Mehmet Dogar (now at the University of Leeds, UK)
  • Jingjin Yu (now at Rutgers)
  • Nick Wang (now at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
  • Robert Katzschmannn (now at Amazon Research)
  • Changhyun Choi (now at University of Minnesota)
  • Guy Rosman (now at Toyota Research Institute)
  • Stephanie Gil (now at University of Arizona)
  • Javier Alonso-Mora (now at TU Delft, The Netherlands)
  • Robert MacCurdy (now at University of Colorado, Boulder)
  • Sedat Ozer