In this project we are developing self-driving cars for customized mobility on demand as part of the SMART program.

The objective is to develop data-driven customized transportation. We are developing a fleet of self-driving cars consisting of golf carts and electric cars. Mobility on demand aims to transform transportation into a utility, to be available to anybody, anytime. If you want to go somewhere, you book a ride, the robot car comes to where you are and drives you where you want to go. After dropping you off, the robot car coordinates with the other robots in the system to determine where its next pickup location is and drives itself there. An optimization engine ensures that people’s waiting times, car trajectories, and vehicles in the system are optimized.

In October 2014 we conducted a public trial at the Chinese Gardens in Singapore. We invited the public to test our mobility on demand system. During the week long trial over 500 people booked and took rides. The robot cars navigate successfully, following the road, avoiding pedestrians, bikers, and monitor lizards, and bringing passengers to their selected destinations.

Here is our Self-Driving Car Team:


and some videos from our work:

Rebalancing Cars

Autonomous Driving