I imagine a future where robots are so integrated in the fabric of human life that they become as common as smart phones are today. The field of robotics has the potential to greatly improve the quality of our lives at work, at home and at play.
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Research Project: Soft Robots

Soft robots provide an opportunity to bridge the gap between machines and people. In contrast to hard bodied robots, soft robots have bodies made out of intrinsically soft and/or extensible materials (e.g. silicone rubbers) that

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Research Project: Mobility on Demand with Self-Driving Cars

In this project we are developing self-driving cars for customized mobility on demand as part of the SMART program.
The objective is to develop data-driven customized transportation. We are developing a fleet of self-driving cars consisting

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Research Project: Robot Compiler

A great challenge with today’s robots is that it takes a long time to design and fabricate new robots. We need to speed up the creation of robots.
Many different types of robots are available today,